About Paola Pacheco

Born in Colombia, a land synonymous with magic, history, art and fantasy, Paola grew up surrounded by the spectrum of colors, textures and inspirations that are unique to her homeland.

Ever since she was a little girl, she never missed an opportunity to sneak into her mother’s jewelry studio. Like mother, like daughter, and the fascination with precious stones and delicate metals passed on to Paola. In no time, she was letting her own imagination run wild, and soon she was developing her own designs inspired by her own vision and aesthetic.

A style that can only be described as effortlessly chic, each of Paola’s creations are custom-designed by hand, and are as unique and versatile as each and every one of her clients. But there is a common thread that brings all of her pieces together – the energy and passion crafted into each, which has come to personalize and characterize her work. For Paola, it is about going beyond the jewelry and making the person wearing her exclusive designs look and feel beautiful both inside and out.