Paola Pacheco Jewelry Wrist Sizer:

How to use Paola Pacheco Jewelry Wrist Sizer:

The Paola Pacheco Jewelry Wrist Sizer must be printed on a full letter size (8 ½ x 11 inches) size page. To check that the Wrist Sizer has been printed properly, take a ruler and measure the sample below. It should measure exactly 2 cm.


  1. Cut out the paper Wrist Sizer.
  2. Make sure that the numbers are on the outside of the paper Wrist Sizer and insert the pointed end through the opening you have cut at the the other end of the Wrist Sizer where indicated "cut here". Place your hand through the Wrist Sizer and pull the pointed end until it fits comfortably on your wrist.
  3. The number that lines up with the edges of the opening is the size of the wrist.


How to use a tape measure:

  1. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your bracelet.
  2. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0.
  3. To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 1.5 cm.